TOCOL Brand Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours is simple: it was difficult to find a top-quality screen protector with reasonable price before TOCOL has been born. The seed of TOCOL was planted when we were tired of being disappointed by the broken screen when accidents happened, so we decided to produce a screen protector that could better protect our precious device from damaging. We have spent two years to do marketing research, compare most existed products, and develop a practical project aiming to make a better protector to solve the annoying problem for people who feel the same as we did.

The era has witnessed the fast development of the mobile devices, and it has become considerably significant to fully protect the devices from damages. However, the existed products to protect the device is either priceless or less-qualified.

Eager to solve the nuisance, we have spent two years to do marketing research, compare most existing products, and develop a project to design and manufacture better and reasonably-priced product to solve the problem for more people who have the same concern.

We do our best for win-win situation where our company wins and our customer wins.

At TOCOL, our vision is to affordable protection. Based on that, we firmly adhere to our business principle of providing products better than you want.

With no doubt, our products are quite adorable and affordable among customers who are highly valued in TOCOL, and support lifetime warranty so as to serve you with great shopping experience.

TOCOL--Reliable. Affordable. Security, we would always carry on our commitment for the first-class quality in the ever-changing times while design chic and outstanding products to make your life more convenient and guaranteed.